Colorful Striped Shower Curtain

Posted On: July 17, 2016 - By Amra

Beauty comes in any form, and one of them is stripes! Who doesn’t love stripes? I bet everyone will just love this kind of patterns and motives that will actually go well with any room décor, types, varieties, and design. The rules of putting stripes in your room are whether you have the plain room, or you already have the stripes inside your room. This rule can be applied in bathroom too, for those who want to put the beautiful Striped Shower Curtain in their shower.

To have such a unique Striped Shower Curtain, of course you have to think of the colorization of the stripes, and we’re suggesting you to choose the colorful stripes that consist of lovable and sweet color so that it will just make your bathroom look lovely! There is colorful Striped Shower Curtain which will make your bathroom looking more adorable than it ever be.

The best thing to have stripes is that the sense that it gives can be very different depend on who perceive it, sometimes it looks fun, but it also can be look very formal. Well, we don’t want the formal look for our colorful Striped Shower Curtain, so we better make it fun! How? First thing first, the fun look can be achieved by using the bright and pastel colors of the stripes. This way, the striped shower curtain will have more youthful and cheerful feeling rather than the dark colored stripes.

Striped Shower Curtain can also be tricky in such a full themed bathroom, that’s why this kind of curtain will be perfect if you have the sleek, simple, chic, and modern look which is usually don’t require any of colorful furniture and just be as simple as it suppose to be. The striped shower curtain will also be lovely if you have the stripes bathroom wallpaper, so you can follow the color harmony of the wallpaper.

6 Photos of the Colorful Striped Shower Curtain

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