How to Effectively Wash the Jalousie Windows

Posted On: July 28, 2016 - By Amra

The jalousie windows are often placed on the areas where exposure to the outside world is at the maximum, thus it is very important to have them cleaned regularly otherwise there would be accumulation of dust that will decrease the visual attractiveness of the house. However, when not cleaned properly, these windows will tend to rust easily.

There are metal parts to the jalousie windows which can be moved. Washing the windows alone are not enough when not being accompanied by washing these metal parts. One of the obvious signs when the metal parts need cleaning is the creaking noise. The noisier the noise, the more dirty the metal parts are.

To ensure that the jalousie windows are cleaned properly, start by assessing the current condition of the windows. Spot if there are parts broken and needing any further maintenance. Check also the screw around the windows and tighten them when loose. You would not want an unwanted incident when the windows crash and hurt someone. And then, continue it by tilting the window to about 45 degrees, and then remove the glass safely.

The next thing to do is to wash the jalousie windows glass slides. Make sure that you clean it vigorously by using the cleaning solution specially made for glass or the combination between soap and water. Dip a rag to these cleaning solutions and then dry them with soft cloth. Remember that harsh cloth will be able to cause unwanted abrasion. And then, simply put the glass slides back to their places. Be real careful when holding the class horizontally before placing them back, as the edges of the glass may be in contact with the eyes of the cleaners. Before the job is done, test the window. See if they look as clean as possible and that everything moved just like new.

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