How to Install Bay Window Curtain Rod

Posted On: July 12, 2016 - By Amra

The bay window curtain rod usually connects three rods that are separate from each other. These curtain rods are then creating the curved formation that looks like the same shape of the window below. At first, this may look a bit difficult to install, but once you know the step by step instruction, even you can do it yourself.

Number one is to stray by laying the bay window curtain rod on the floor near the window. Arrange these rods in order. Usually you will find three straight curtain rods which will go to separate windows. In addition, you will find four curved connecters. Then rest the curved connectors on each of the brackets. Do not forget to measure each of the distance in between them in order to determine the approximate length of the rods. When they are not at about the same length, make sure that you adjust the measurement.

Next to the installment is to secure the attachment screw to the end part of the outer end part. Curve the bay window curtain rod to the leftmost part of the first window. Take the rod that is going to the left side of the window and then secure it to the curved connector number one by creating a twist at the end to the screw. Do another twist to the screw to the end of the inside connector that has not been attached. Take the rod that is the longest and attach this rod to the connector located at the left inside. Then, screw the opposite end before attaching this to the connector of the right inside part.

Once the twisting and securing is finished, once again adjust the length of the bay window curtain rod to ensure that the corner is centered properly on the brackets. Different brackets may have different manufacturer’s direction. After wards, secure the finished assembled window rods to the brackets by using the screws provided.

5 Photos of the How to Install Bay Window Curtain Rod

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