Pros and Cons of Wood Curtain Rods as Your Consideration Before Purchasing

Posted On: July 18, 2016 - By Amra

Wood curtain rods provide pros and cons which you should consider before you decide to purchase it. First for pros, wood curtain rod comes with varied designs and styles which will enrich your options. It means that this rod comes with much availability that will help you decorate and adjust the rods easily with your room decor. It fits best for many layout plan of your home and you may choose the most desired styles for the rods that you want.

Other, the biogradable type makes wood curtain rods are not harmful for environment. Wood is friendly material which you can utilize for taking part on protecting and preserving this earth, instead of other metal materials such as iron and stainless steel. Wood curtains rods are also easy to be installed so that you will get fast and quick process installation when you choose to use wood rods.

Still, wood curtain rods have lacks. First, since it is a biogradable material, then rods which are made from wood will not stay too long. Wood will absorb water and that may result on decay, broke, damage and cracks so that those rods made from wood will not stay long. Moreover if the moisture is higher and higher, then it will rot easily. It is not so weather resistant and for that you may need to think about replacing with the new ones.

Last, wood curtains rods are also less durable than other rods which are made from other materials. You may find that wood rods are not as durable as metal, stainless steel or wrought iron made rods because those are not so durable compare to those materials. When you hang overload capacity on the wood rods, then those rods may not be able to hold and encounter the weight, then you may need to replace the rods as soon as possible.

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