Renew Your Textured Walls at Home!

Posted On: June 22, 2016 - By Amra

Are you getting bored with the same painted wall in your house? You need something new or try for your house. You should try to make it as textured walls which will make your rooms more interesting. That will be very great exterior design for your house by choosing textured walls design. You will get different style which is not the same with common style that you usually see. You will have something artistic for your walls at house. Even you can put your creativity on your walls because you can make the textured by yourself.

There are some ways to make the textured walls by you. You can try to prepare the materials such as simple’s stuffs that you can find them easily. You can use combs, sponge that you will find them at home. Even you can make the tools by yourself such as making some shapes that you want from thick paper or using a cut of box.

Then you can prepare the first thing you need to do with put fabric or clothes on the floor to avoid getting dirty. Then you need to paint about 0, 3 cm to get good canvas in retexturing your house. After that you can apply the tools which the shape that you like to retexture the walls. That will be very fun to make textured walls.

There are many tutorials that you can find in the online sources. Even you can get video tutorials how to make it. That will be very helpful for you to have references in doing it. There are many tools that you can use to retexture you walls with shape that you really like. You can use the sponge to make artistic textured walls by yourself. You will get interesting walls with textured walls around your house which will make you happier rather than to get bored with the common style.

6 Photos of the Renew Your Textured Walls at Home!

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