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About Us






The CURIOSITY Shop is a import store located in Aiken, South Carolina. It is the creation of John Heaton and Amy Neeley who, in 1998 decided to open a business which reflected and inspired those from and interested in the British Isles. Being geographically located in an area rich in English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh settlement and heritage, The CURIOSITY Shop quickly became a destination shop for those interested in all things Anglo.



The CURIOSTY Shop began as a small gift shop, but is now a sizeable market with an extensive grocery section featuring foods from more that 14 countries; specially blended bulk teas; and frozen sausages and meat pies authentically prepared by a British sausage maker. Over the years the store has built its inventory of fine gifts from the British Isles to include linens, China, Pewter, jewellery, toys and books.



While this web site offers much of what The CURIOSITY Shop carries, there is much more to be enjoyed by making a trip to The CURIOSITY Shop in downtown Aiken.  The store carries a deep inventory of books from around the world.  Visitors can look up their family name, discover their Scottish Clan, order their tartan, be measured for a kilt, and take home some beautiful Celtic music.



Speaking of Celtic, The CURIOSITY Shop has a fine selection of Celtic prints, cards, books, and jewellery.






Of course, living up to their name is a major source of joy for the owners of The CURIOSITY Shop. To that end, you will find items of intrigue from the far off lands of the globe and the imagination, like Russian lacquer boxes and Matroshka Dolls, African masks and mud cloth, Witch's balls, fairies, Terramundi smash pots, Tibetan singing bowls, incense, swords, chime balls, tarot cards, pop-up books, knights' armor, Dr. Who, and Ugly Doll.