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Guinness Pouring Spoon

Guinness Pouring Spoon

You wont find a barkeep in all of Ireland who doesnt depend on one of these on a regular basis. The GUINNESS Pouring Spoon is required for an authentic Black and Tan (or Half and Half) pour. Handle features engraved GUINNESS Logo and HARP design. Includes chain for convenient hanging.
The GUINNESS Pouring Spoon is mainly used to prepare the following:
- Black & Tan (Guinness & Pale Ale)
- Half & Half (Guinness & Lager)
- Black Velvet (Guinness & Champagne)
Pour the Guinness onto the back of the Pouring Spoon so that it "fans" out over the second drink creating a dividing line between both drinks.
This product celebrates an extraordinary brand, which for over two centuries has been held in great affection around the world. For many, Guinness has come to symbolise a way of life, always with style, wit, and good humour.
This product is intended for purchase and enjoyment by people of legal purchase age for alcohol beverages.



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