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Sweden Royal Flag

Sweden Royal Flag

Swedish Royal Standard 3x5' Printed Poly.
The current royal flag used by the King and Queen was introduced in 1906. In the centre of the yellow cross on the blue field (with swallowtail and tongue) is a white field extending into the blue fields. On the white field is set the full arms of Sweden [Stora Riksvapnet (Greater state arms)], surmounted by a Royal crown, quartered by a yellow cross, 1 and 4 Sweden: Three yellow crowns on blue, 2 and 3 Folkung Dynasty: Yellow lion on a white and blue wavy field. Inescutcheon: Bernadotte dynasty, per pale Dexter: Wasa Dynasty: Yellow 'Vase' on field of red white and blue, Sinister arms of Princes of Ponte Corvo: in chief yellow five pointed stars arranged as in the constellation of the Ursa Major, under this a yellow eagle and under this again a white bridge over wavy blue and white lines. The arms are surrounded by the chain and insignia of the Order of the Seraphim. Supporters: Golden crowned lions. The Royal tent is surmounted by a Royal crown.



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