Stunning Bedroom Ideas With Zebra Curtains That Are Totally Stylish

Posted On: July 10, 2016 - By Amra

Zebra curtains are indeed so identical and rich for its motifs of black stripes on white which represent the stunning skin of zebra. Then, no doubt that there are many homeowners will use these identical motifs for many items, including curtains that are available for many rooms, from living room, kitchens and invariably for bedrooms. For that, here are some bedroom ideas which are so stylish with zebra curtain which colors up the bedroom uniquely.

First, go with zebra curtains which are quite monochromatic with black stripes on white. Simply choose the common zebra curtain that you can install on the window. Choose the ordinary and medium sized one which is not too long and not too short so that the result will be so ideal and suitable for all bedroom styles, especially lavish modern bedroom. This bedroom idea is suitable for stylish bedroom which is not too much with crowded zebra motifs.

Second, zebra curtains are also great in elegant and luxurious look. Simply hang the long zebra motif curtains which its length reaches the floor. This idea is effective to create bedroom that is so elegant, moreover if the design is more creative, such as half up is all black and half down is zebra motifs, or other creative designs which are not flat and plain.

Third, zebra curtains are indeed more innovative with other varied colors such as hot pink, vibrant green, calming blue and even velvet purple. Go with other colorful colors instead of black and white will give richer look, moreover you can adjust the colors of the curtains with the color schemes of the bedroom then it does not result on monochromatic and subdues bedroom because the used colors are more attractive. You even can use your creativity to decorate the curtain like using ribbon to tie the curtain.

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