The Good and Bad of the Awning Windows

Posted On: July 20, 2016 - By Amra

Many people cannot see the difference between the awning windows and the casement windows; however the two have one major difference. The awning has the hinges which mounted on the top while the casement windows have hinges that are mounted to the sides. This major difference will bring many differences in term of maintenance as well as placement. Even though the two are different, but they are both equally popular.

The awning windows have so many advantages. Number one is that they provide good ventilation to the house. As these windows can be positioned in the higher part of the wall compared to the other types of windows, they have the ability to allow more air and light in the house. Moreover, just like the casement windows, these windows do not compromise the privacy of the homeowners.

If the house is located in the damp climates, then the awning windows certainly are a good window choice. It can protect the house from the excess moist even during the most extreme weather such as the rainstorm. It is the construction that has enabled the maximum protection from the seeping water. Moreover, there can be no denying that these windows are attractive in the more contemporary way.

On the other hand, awning windows have their own disadvantages. The disadvantage number one who can be the most crucial is that they are not safe to be used as exterior window in the high traffic areas. These windows have the opening projecting sashes and people can easily collide to these sashes. Moreover, the windows require more cleaning and washing as they are exposed to the water and sun. With the position that is usually on the top part of the wall, these windows can pose certain difficulty to the homeowner when trying to clean them.

4 Photos of the The Good and Bad of the Awning Windows

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