Various Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

Posted On: May 4, 2016 - By Amra

When it comes to the limited available space of the bathroom, there are always options of the bathroom space saver ideas to implement in making sure that the bathroom will still be able to deliver its best functionality. It is quite needed solution of today that the available living space of people is getting narrower every single day. Thus check these following space saving ideas for your bathroom.

Adding a so called Étagère is one of the bathroom space saver ideas that could be implemented. This option is considered to be the most popular choice since it could works well in most of the small sized bathroom. Étagère itself is a piece of cabinet that goes right above the toilet spot. It is available in a ready-made version or custom-made according to people’s preferences.

Next bathroom space saver ideas to consider are to rethink and redesign the bathroom door. It is true that common hinged door of the bathroom will spend a lot of space inside the bathroom since it usually opens inside the bathroom. Several considerations of bathroom door that could be a nice space efficient bathroom idea are including the use of pocket door bifold door, and sliding door. Incorporating one of those ideas will be able to save up a bit of space in your bathroom that previously was used by the common door.

More of the idea in dealing with the limited space of the bathroom is to consider using multi purposed furniture piece. The multipurpose means that the furniture will be functional while also decorative at the same time. One example is the use of a free standing toilet paper holder that could be placed into a corner instead of using the space given by under-sink cabinet to store the toilet paper stocks. Those are some of the bathroom space saver ideas with surely more of them still available.

8 Photos of the Various Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

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