What are Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Posted On: July 20, 2016 - By Amra

Have you ever heard the term of jack and Jill bathroom? This is a real type of bathroom that could be considered when you are in a process of designing your bathroom. This is a specific type of bathroom that is shared between two bedrooms. The main characteristic of this bathroom design is the availability of two doors entering from the two different rooms. This type of bathroom is very popular in the show of The Brady Bunch in the period of 70s.

Among the many other options of the bathroom plan, this one has several benefits to be obtained. First of all it saves money and also space at the same time. Try to compare the needed money to build two separate bathrooms for two bedrooms to the needed cost in building this Jack and Jill bathroom. Surely you will find out that you will have to pay more money in building two bathrooms.

Another benefit of this Jack and Jill bathroom is that it could bring an equality issue of the kids to a better settlement. Kids are often bringing the idea of equality when it comes to bathroom. Thus by adopting this style they will have equality while also having privacy as well inside the bathroom itself.

There are several things that people should consider when creating this type of bathroom. Those are the options of having two sinks as one of them. The toilet and bath or shower is shared but the sink should remain single used so that two sinks are required. In terms of the accessories and also storages you should consider doubled up the number since two people will be using the same bathroom. So those are several things regarding the unique type of bathroom called as the jack and Jill bathroom.

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